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to treat HPV cancers and
premalignant infections

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Kovina Therapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company developing first-in-class antiviral therapeutics specifically designed to treat cancers and premalignant infections caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

HPV can cause cancer

Millions of men and women globally have acquired an HPV infection, a portion of which persist and progress to cancer. An estimated 630,000 HPV-related malignancies are diagnosed each year, amounting to 5% of the cancer burden worldwide.

Most cervical and oral cancers are caused by HPV

HPV causes nearly all cervical and the majority of oropharyngeal cancers. Existing treatment options include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, all with significant side effects.

HPV vaccine does not impact existing infections

The HPV vaccine prevents new infections but does not treat the millions of existing infections that can progress to cancer.

Unique Antiviral Approach

We are focused on curing HPV with our unique antiviral approach. Our proprietary drug-like compounds target and inactivate a key HPV protein always expressed in early, pre-malignant and cancerous pathologies. By targeting and inactivating this protein, Kovina’s compounds result in the death of HPV infected cells. Our therapeutics are designed to stop HPV infections early before progression and to treat HPV related cancers after detection.

Unique Antiviral Approach
Our commitment to patients

Our Commitment to Patients

Kovina is committed to providing patients infected with HPV novel treatment options not available in the market today.  For patients living with HPV, Kovina’s development efforts provide hope for a non-surgical option to treat cancers and premalignant infections caused by HPV.  

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